We strive to make this festival accessible to our guests. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

The different venues vary in accessibility. The festival will be spread across seven different places in Attleboro. The city is very walkable, but there is a distance of roughly half a mile between the two furthest venues. Parking may be limited, depending on the turnout of the festival, but there are accessible parking spots at all locations.

The Ezekiel Bates Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Lodge has seven steps at its main entrance. There is an accessible entrance with a wheelchair lift to the side of the building. Please note: the bathrooms in the lodge are NOT wheelchair accessible. The closest accessible bathrooms from this location are across the street in the Attleboro Public Library or in port-a-potties at the Riverwalk Park.

The Attleboro Public Library

The library has a ramp at its main entrance, an elevator inside, and accessible bathrooms.

Balfour Riverwalk

The riverwalk is an outdoor venue. The entire park is on a single level with no stairs, and there is ample parking nearby. There are port-a-potties here, including one wheelchair accessible one.

Attleboro Area Industrial Museum

The museum’s parking lot will not be available for festival attendees; we are working on getting parking nearby so please check back for updates. There is some on-street parking and a poorly paved lot across the street at the former location of the Salvation Army. The building itself is all on one level, and has accessible bathrooms.

Centenary United Methodist Church

The church has an accessible entrance. Parking is available in the YMCA Sanford Street lot, in the Sanford Street parking garage, and across the street in the library parking lot.

East Attleborough Academy

This building is closed to the public and is only available as a photo backdrop. There are five steps leading up to the front porch. Parking in the Academy lot is limited to festival vendors and staff. More parking is available in the YMCA Sanford Street lot or in the Sanford Street parking garage.